パク・ボゴム (PARK BO GUM)「Dear My Friend」【MV】

パク・ボゴム [PARK BO GUM]
2020年3月18日(水)発売 ファーストアルバム『blue bird』
【M1“Dear My Friend”サブスク先行配信中】


●初回限定盤A [CD+PHOTO BOOK] PCCA-04898 本体価格¥4,500+TAX

●初回限定盤B [CD+DVD] PCCA-04899 本体価格¥4,200+TAX
※DVD収録内容(「Dear My Friend」Music Video+メイキング映像)

●通常盤 [CD Only] PCCA-04900 本体価格¥2,800+TAX

01. Dear My Friend
02. 夢のRoute
03. Come on & join us
04. Fall Into My Arms
05. 空を見上げてごらん
07. Best Love Song
08. Brilliant Days
09. 君のそばに
10. Bloomin’ (Acoustic ver.)
〔Special Track〕
11. Happy Merry Christmas

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Park Seo-jun is new to the whole love thing | Itaewon Class Ep 16 [ENG SUB]

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  1. Parece tan inocente que cualquiera pensaría que es virgen :'v

  2. Очень добрый клин. Пак Бо Гом, ты для меня № 1

  3. I screamed so much with the Rio de Janeiro poster! I love you, Bogum. Hope you and your family stay healthy! Beautiful song!!

  4. Que lindo es

  5. Awwww! I can be your friend 😀

  6. Not trying to be hateful but he has the FACE and that's it.

  7. Love you oppa 😌

  8. まじでかっこいいんだが

  9. Bo Gum with the sweet vocals ❤

  10. 완벽데스네~

  11. 💕

  12. 남자가 봐도 너무잘생김.보겸형 노래좋아요😀

  13. I'm blessed and thankyou for making me appreciate it ❤

  14. Amé está canción, la idea es preciosa y Bogum ni se diga es luz, es mi luna y estrella es que con solo mirarlo sonries automáticamente y si lo acompañas con esta melodía y su dulce voz es como estar en el paraíso y olvidar todos tus problemas. Que bonito concepto ❤el de la amistad.

  15. This is really sweet. I liked the message in the song a lot.

  16. My best friend = Kim taehyung???😊

  17. I love everything about him <3

  18. Cute 🙂🙂 . My hobby photograpy💛

  19. I dont understand but i love it. 😍💜 Cause u sounds sweet⚘ Taehyung you are so lucky to have Bogum as friend💜

  20. Baby 💙

  21. He's really smooth and kind person. Hope you're always happy bogummy😊😊

  22. え?日本語!?びっくり

  23. I love this song♡ love Park Bogum ♡♡♡

  24. 音量盖过了他的声音


  26. There is just something super cool and special about Park
    Bo Gum. He sings, dances, and acts so well! Always a delight to watch in whatever he does.

  27. Grait!

  28. Why is he so precious? 😭

  29. O que é esse sorriso??? ❤️❤️❤️

  30. 보검씨는 목소리도 좋네요 (*´ω`*)
    제가 저희 집 토끼 혼낼때 내 곁에 있어라 불허한다 이러는데ㅋㅋㅋ 귀엽네여 보검군 뮤비 속 아가도 귀엽고

  31. Dear my friend.. suddenly i missing you. Dear my bogum.. i like your voice 😍 korean version, please

  32. since he played in encounter, he bcome more hansome 😲😀, bogum become a man 👍

  33. He has a clear smile. So clear like a super HD screen. Watching his smile make peoples heart calm.

  34. Amamos demais❤

  35. I miss you Handsome Boy ❤

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