ANOTHER INSANE REVEAL! – One Piece Chapter 974

So we have back to back chapters of Oda literally flexing on the plot points developed for several arcs. One Piece 974 may be the beginning of an insane run for the story… I’M HYPE

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[ one piece chapter 974 ] vai diễn để đời của Kanjuro, kid law luffy liên minh

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  1. I'll be honest i really missed kid law and luffy!

  2. What about Shinobu? He transformed into her . Does that mean that fat shinobu is a fake?

  3. Kanjuro had a nice drawing of rock in which he hid for 3 days that makes a good artist hmm now revealed he is a good traitor and enemy

  4. Also notice how kanjuro's drawing of himself (his clone) is a perfect image of him. This, means Kanjuro can actually draw, and has been deceiving the alliance with horrible drawings of things.

  5. Dude just wanted to tell you, your my favorite commentator for One Piece. Keep it up!

  6. look up Marco the one piece theorist video on this. He called it a while ago.

  7. Great list, mindblow

  8. so the predictions were right. Now we know who in the community can use their brains.

  9. Screw this I just want to see captain Buggy again. ??. But all jokes aside this chapter was dope.

  10. The fact that Kid was on his regular ship means he and killer probably found their crewmates

  11. Marco the one piece theorist called It months ago pointing out all these hints Oda was giving. Marco also called the scabbards time travel way before It was confirmed in the manga. Dude's theories are fire

  12. thumbnail?

  13. Who do you think will pull up to help the alliance in wano cause the mink tribe against the beast pirates with just law and luffys crew with kidd won’t be enough so which group from the grand fleet will come through?

  14. Hoodie game crazy

  15. This chapter was amazing oh my god

  16. I KNEW IT! Back in dressrosa arc trebol and sugar wont forgot kanjuro if his been caught and brought to toy storage. And second kanjuro is the only man doesnt have bounty in dressrosa when doffy announce god ussop and luffy law and others. Third before raizo and kanjuro momo kinemon separated from each other raizo shouted " See you at zou! " the only person would snitch that is kanjuro but jack isnt sure at all because they didnt know about toki said 20 years after oden's death they will avenge oden. Lastly before they climb to zou kanjuro summon dragon we all know momo got traumatize because of kaido why would he do that? And i thought back when ussop pass the cresent moon messege to their allies i thought kyoshiro is the one who said it to orochi so this stupid kanjuro snitch all the plan from the beginning when toki sent them to future.

  17. Kanjuro's character is based on a Kabuki character so it makes sense.

  18. Another things was Kanjuro was by himself trying to get to Zou

  19. I dedicate the song stop snitching by YG and DaBaby to Kanjuro

  20. It seems there's a chance oden's daughter isn't dead thats cool.

  21. When Kinemon said there is something below them in the sea I was so hyped coz I thought it was Jinbe

  22. This chapter was fire man. I was hype when the supernova trio showed up, especially when I saw kidd

  23. Who else thought the traitor would be kiku because of the theater story

  24. kid joined the alliance!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. NGL, that glare by Law at the end was INTIMIDATING AF

  26. I like your hodie

  27. Yo I’m feeling that sweater. Where the link at?

  28. Idk why but I love listening to you talk

  29. Get hype

  30. When we finally get that long waited pirates ship battle and we see the rest of the straw hats with Jimbe at the Helm >>>>>>>

  31. The reveal last week and the reveal this week are actually kind of perfectly done if you think about it.

    First, we’re introduced to the Oden traitor (Kyoshirou) and as far as we know Orochi doesn’t suspect a thing.
    Second, we get the kurozumi traitor reveal (Kanjuro), and, similarly here, none of the scabbards even thought to try to figure it out.

    It’s such a great comparison!

    Getting “the departed” vibes from this, but looking forward to the ultimate Kyoshirou betrayal that I’m sure will turn the tide of the war and lead to the alliance victory. The wild thing too is that this would only be possible because Kyoshirou was smart enough to keep his persona even after seeing his friends for twenty years, because of something he hear about a potential traitor two decades ago.

    This is 3-D chess right here!

  32. Hey do me a huge favor and don't put pics of it in your next thumbnail and video title. I don't want to look like a jerk but I don't want to be spoiled like I was about the traitor.

  33. Kiku looking fine af in this chapter

  34. Good fight Kaido! You are done for.

  35. Spot on man??, im gonna start reading again

  36. This is one of those panels that will sum up this entire saga. Legendary man

  37. Told yall bois it wasnt Raizo lol

  38. Worst Generation Trio Brago ??

  39. Why two weeks no episode plz tell any one


  41. The end panel of luffy, kid and law, I can already see and hear the epic music

  42. Yet again we see that same trio after 2 years. Stronger abs ready for chaos.

  43. The truth is since day one I’ve seen konjiro I’ve had a bad feeling about him. Nothing real never come out of him as to strength Ana involvements..

  44. I liked this chapter. Pretty kewl stuff.

  45. Where can I get one of those beanies

  46. The only thing on that list that was a real hint is Chapter 934. It was only him, Shinobu and the Strawhats there.

  47. Love your videos, where you get that fire hoodie?

  48. I get the feeling Kaido will be on his last breath and Kidd will kill him, instead of letting him live.

  49. Fuck all these guys who were supporting Law being the traitor…and all those theorists

  50. Nxt chapter 975 should be another insane chapters. Coz interestingly the number which consists 5,7 and 9 always had insane and great chapters for eg:
    579 : Shanks arrive at the War
    597 : 3D2Y
    759 : Luffy attack Doffy using Red Hawk( first introduction of the technique)
    795 : Kaido introduction
    957 : We all know this might be the most insane chapters.
    975 : ?? Hoping for another great chapters.

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