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It seems like Ariana Grande is officially off the market. Ariana was rumored to be dating Mikey Foster from Social House. After those rumors got put to rest, she was seen making out with someone else in a bar outside of Los Angeles. Now we finally know who this mystery man is! Tony Moras and Gabi Conti have all the details.
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  1. Guys,the kissed during covid 19

  2. He looks like Pete Davidson and Robbie (from victorious) at the same time.

  3. Identical to pete davidson in a way

  4. Well I'm soooo happy for her <3

  5. She needs to take it easy

  6. Here because of stuck with you.

  7. He’s cute tho

  8. No doubt. Ariana's boyfriend is cute and such a hottie.

  9. who is here after she kissed him in the music vid if stuck with you lolll

  10. Bitch got a new boyfriend every other month

  11. Who cares?

  12. He looks like pete.

  13. I don’t think she will ever find the love she had with Mac .Sad but true .Something special about that Pittsburgh Boy❤️

  14. Aww i want mickey for her😢

  15. Yes i am here bcs of stuck with u video trying to know who f is dalton gomez

  16. Hahaha im here bcos of Stuck With U 😂❤️

  17. Lets be honest we dont even knew who he was

  18. Yes i came from stuck with u

  19. Who else is here after watching stuck with you

  20. Let's hope this one don't do drugs.

  21. It's good to see her like this hopefully this is the last one😌🙌🏻❤️

  22. Shut up- 🤍

  23. Im here bcz of stuck with u music video. Omg damn did you guys also came from stuck with u?

  24. Stuck with u video clip made us curious 😐 fu** curiosity

  25. Even tho before they have all the proof Ariana is dating dalton I won’t believe anyone but Ariana

  26. Who is here from stuck on u

  27. C’mon y’all be honest who else came from the stick with you music video I know I’m not the only one🙌

  28. Wish it was me😔

  29. He's another look alike of pete davidson

  30. Who's here after stuck with you

  31. stuck with u video brought me here

  32. He's hot than any man of ariana

  33. Arianators are crazy detectives!
    Armys: Oh😊💓

  34. We can now confirm at the Stuck With U MV. ❤

  35. We just want our Ari to be happy with whoever she is!!!😍😍😍.

  36. Hope she is happy

  37. I dont know why she has such low ratings in guys

  38. im glad she's happy. jus makes me sad her and Mac Miller were soulmates

  39. That makes sense -.- I hope this man will be good for her, not any thank you next, don't want you in my bloodline things.

  40. Omggh he us so charming

  41. anyone from stuck with u music video ??

  42. who’s come from stuck with u music video

  43. im here bcs of the stuck with U music video

  44. Anyone come here from the end of stuck with you

  45. Is dolton related to selena gomez!?!?!?!?!?!?

  46. OMG she made out with. Him love you Ari

  47. Ariana is dating way too fast but if she’s happy then that’s all it matters❤️

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