ASAKO I & II Trailer

Opens May 31!
Tickets on sale to Members May 22, and May 23 for the public.

A film on the earthly magic of falling in love, Ryusuke Hamaguchi’s Asako I & II is the brilliant screen adaptation of Tomoka Shibasaki’s bestselling novel, Netemo Sametemo. When Asako (Erika Karata), a shy student from Osaka, meets Baku (Masahiro Higashide) at a photo exhibition, it’s love at first sight. Baku is a mysterious and gorgeous-looking young man, but he likes to disappear when the mood strikes him. Then, one day, he’s gone for good. Two years later, Asako, now working as a server in a Tokyo coffee shop, spots Ryohei (also Higashide), a young sake executive who looks exactly like Baku — to the extent that Asako is convinced she’s found her lost lover. But Ryohei is a very different person: he has no secrets, he is honest and kind-hearted, and he will love Asako with a faithful, protective love, destined to last forever — the kind of love that’s so reassuring it might even be scary.


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  1. I don't know how long it will take him to rebuild trust in his relationship with his wife but I hope it's soon. Whether they decide to stay together or not because I feel bad for their children the most. I really hope they seriously reflect on their mistakes and learn from this.

  2. Slut and asshole, just go into AV

  3. Disgusting

  4. Pelakor

  5. Trashy beings having an affair.

  6. Now who came here after their affair

  7. Erika Karata is one of the upcoming Japanese actress in 2017 that I look forward to & last year she’s just starting to build her portfolio by doing supporting roles for dramas yet she got involved in an affair with Higashide Masahiro his co-star male lead here, who apparently have a wife (a popular actress wife from an actors family & they have 3 children) idk I’ve been reading some local comments that Erika’s career is already over but what about Higashide Masahiro? he also committed an affair yet people only calling out Erika;
    I’m not defending Erika Karata here, both committed an affair, they are aware of their situation yet they still continued; but one thing I noticed how people easily slut shaming & point their fingers to the alleged woman but what about the man who got tempted by it? None!
    The thing abt this situation, Higaside Masahiro might still have a career, he could come back again after his scandal but for Erika Karata who hasn’t started her peak as an actress will always be remember as a home wrecker & won’t even have a career after this, her agency doesn’t even release a statement abt her involvement while Higashide, there are ready reports abt him reconciling with his wife. Can you all see the way people treated their situation? because I do, as far as I know they both committed the affair yet there’s only one person who’s in the spotlight.

  8. whats the song title

  9. xabara 😀 looks fine..

  10. Xabara 大好きですよ❤️❤️❤️


  12. Xabara

  13. Cant wait for the movie. 😍 Erika is so beautiful. The BGM is also great

  14. Komen dulu

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