Atalanta 5-0 Milan | Iličić At The Double As Rossoneri Suffer Bergamo Woe | Serie A TIM

AC Milan suffer away defeat to Atalanta and sit 10th now in Serie A | Serie A

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  1. ????
    football or girlfriend???? ???????
    1:50 ?

  2. Who came here after Atalanta beat Valencia by 4-3??

  3. ???
    whatch this ❤️❤️❤️❤️
    0:45 ???

  4. ?????
    ❤️❤️❤️ football ❤️❤️❤️❤
    1:24 ??

  5. 줮밥돠됬누

  6. ?????
    like if u love football comm if u love basketball
    0:45 ❣

  7. Atalanta vs torino 7-0
    Atalanta vs udinese 7-1
    Atalanta vs milan 5-0
    Atalanta vs valencia 4-1
    They only know to smash teams

  8. Who is Alejandro Gomez???

  9. Hahahaha
    Milan what is this

  10. They haven’t been the same since they lost the 2005 UCL final

  11. RIP acemilan?

  12. Illicic was playing with AC, absolute belter the 2nd goal

  13. hahaha…

  14. Ma si perche non gli offrivate anche un caffe a l’atalanta

  15. Gigi Donarumma please go from my MILAN.. Please.. Please.. Because you are pretending busy but actually nothing..

  16. Who paid off the goalie?

  17. Fairytales Atalanta

  18. El Shaarawy would be disgusted!

  19. This Donnarumma is absolutely overrated!

    he's as bad as the rest of milan ?

  20. Atalanta wins with a great goal not average win

  21. Milan weren't great but Ilicic is filthy

  22. ac milan wont make it in to champs league for another 30 years.

  23. Iličić has to be the most underrated player I’ve ever seen.

  24. Idk bout Milan’s keeper

  25. mamamia che goleada !

  26. Ac Milan just need a top class coach like inter got and need to start a rebuild with better players and system, it would be great to get the old ac and inter Milan back

  27. Not very enthusiastic Milan goalkeeper

  28. Only ukrainian Andriy Shevchenko save your AC Milan. But after Ukraine win Euro2020 or Euro2024 🙂 ⚽ ?

  29. Amaze for Atalanta

  30. Atalanta vs Ballboy

  31. Fifa I hope you saw goal number five . Please rate this player high in speed

  32. Супер !!!

  33. Almost won what you mean haha

  34. They should swop stadium now ..
    Atalanta in San siro
    Ac milan in Bergamo

  35. Amigo que pasó aquí???

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