Best of Mikel Arteta

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#3 Time for a new “Best of” video. This time, Mikel Arteta. 6 minutes long video that showing how good Arteta is. Is there any other “Best of” you would like to see? Leave a comment below and I might doing one.

Music – Daughter – Amsterdam (LCAW Remix)


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  1. corona ㅠ

  2. Get well soon, Gaffer! ?
    #CoronaVirus #AFC

  3. Now, we are dealing with covid-19. I hope Arteta and the squad are going to be alright.

  4. Who else is watching this after he tested positive for coronavirus

  5. Damn coronavirus

  6. He has COVID-19

  7. He has corona???

  8. Never gets injured. Never loses the ball. Never complains. Puts his teammates first. A great Captain and a great leader.
    Hopefully a great Manager now aswell.

  9. Arteta and Aubameyang 2:14

  10. Arteta is an eagle or hawk.looks.

  11. Anybody know this song name?

  12. ㅋㅋㅋ변한게없네이형

  13. 2:14 Mikel and Auba

  14. wengers most valuable legacy

  15. 2:14

  16. Mr.manager

  17. I loved this guy as a player…. All positives as a coach

  18. He is arsenal savior

  19. Genius player and be a Genius manager

  20. Everton Legend??

  21. 4:28 His full name in two jerseys

  22. He is manager right now 😉

  23. 2.22 he tacked Auba wow

  24. Well looks like arsenal will be playing lots of long balls now

  25. Who is watching after he became the manager of arsenal

  26. Average players make good managers

  27. Arteta, Ramsey or Fabregas ?

  28. I believe that he can rule Arsenal and succeed

  29. 2:18 tackling someone who he is going to manage

  30. Well come again

  31. Bring partey or fernandinho as our dmf..

  32. Welcome back to arsenal

  33. Nobody:

    The comment section: wHo’s wAtChIn tHis AfTeR aRtETa’s aPpOinTmEnt

  34. 4:28 Mikel vs Arteta

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