Bruno Fernandes or Giovani Lo Celso: Who's better to build a team around? | Extra Time

ESPN FC’s Peter Walton, Steve Nicol and Alejandro Moreno answer your questions in Extra Time, including: If Peter can be the new head of VAR for the Premier League, (1:27) what the biggest game Peter officiated was, (2:07) if Giovani Lo Celso or Bruno Fernandes is the better player to build a team around, (2:18) what Peter’s biggest refereeing regret is, (3:37) and why Trent Alexander-Arnold is the starting right back for England over Aaron Wan-Bissaka.

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  1. Is that question a joke 🤣🤣🤣

  2. Espn pundits always underestimates argentines… they're like 'how can lo celso be put in same line of bruno fernandes'?

  3. Unpopular opinion: Bruno better player, but GLC is more complete so he is the better building block.

  4. Bruno

  5. Jeez, those teeth are disgusting.

  6. when your skin color is whiter than your teeth

  7. Is this an actual question????? Do people really question this? Lol. Thats just stupid

  8. Lionel Messi or Freddy Adu who is better to build a team around…… what kind of trash headline is thia

  9. The legend of Peter

  10. Fernandes has done more in 5 games for united then lo Celso has in 19 games so i am not sure why they even asked this

  11. Come on bruh lo celso is miles better than bruno

  12. is that even a question lol, guys its just a CLICKBAIT

  13. Don't ever dare to put Bruno Fernandes and Lo Celso in a single sentence

    One has 35+ assist and goals in this season while the other one is just a normal midfielder

  14. Muppets!!!

  15. The ex Littlepool player is more interested in planting a virus in Ole team.

  16. Peter should have used his teeth for the yellow card

  17. I can’t stand Peter Walton. He ruins the coverage on BT and now he’s on ESPN. He’s useless.

  18. His teeth r so yellow
    My lord

  19. Lo celso is a flop Bruno isn’t.

  20. Peter needs to brush his teeth with a wire brush and cif and then use bleach for mouthwash

  21. Wait are you actually trying to compare lo celso to bruno fernandes hahaha clueless

  22. He does not need a yellow card, he just can show his teeth.

  23. Bruno Fernandes, undoubtedly. World-class player, probably the best CAM in the world, and a leader.

  24. Of course the United haters would denigrate Fernandes … Had he joined Real or Juve or City they'd be rating him no end.

  25. British flag is something to be peed upon..

  26. Yall ask the dumbest questions

  27. Bring your father to camera when I can't even meet my auntie to get food yeah am living in torino Italy

  28. Just get on with the fcking question. I’m not interested about your dry banter. Worst football show.

  29. How is Bruno vs Lo Celso even a question.
    Bruno all day.

  30. Why would you build a team around a Spanish rejected player?!?!
    Great banter guys!

  31. My left ear stopped being friends with right..

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