BUT HOW??? | One Piece Chapter 976 FIRST REACTION


BUT HOW??? | One Piece Chapter 976 FIRST REACTION

One piece chapter 976 is out!!


Check out Revujo’s Art!!!


ALSO, the almost official looking color spread at the end of the video was made by Meno!!! It’s amazing!! Show him love ^^

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  1. People forgets about Jimbei in marineford when he decoded the marine message and exposed their plans to White Beard.

  2. Wow also now that you mention that about Hiyori, I can totally see Hiyori as a bad ass samurai trained by Denjiro

  3. if i were jinbe i were known to sink the pirate island , even if i got secretly help by the whole crew to create a tsunami 😛

  4. Will believe Sanji is stronger than jinbe when I see it. Who is the last guy Sanji beat? Anyway welcome boss jinbe

  5. maybe jinbei wasnt sure were to meet up and waited at the coast all along , while it will still be nessessary to explain a bit of what he had done in the meantime.

  6. Sanji: I'm a member of the Monster Trio.
    Jimbe: Are you sure about that!?

    Sanji goes to the kitchen and starts cutting onions.

  7. Honestly Jimbe is probably the 3rd/2nd strongest on the crew. He knocked big mom off the ship. I honestly don't think sanji could do that to her. Plus block one of her haki flame sword attacks. Another big feat of power and defence…

    Luffy in the same situraton. As jimbe and luffy was able to push back and move him but couldn't damage or take a hit from him..

  8. Also I think Carrot will definitely join, it seems obvious to me—I could see a mink crew under the fleet, but Carrot was drawn in every panel with the straw hats in this chapter—no other minks—she’s the scout of the crew, she not only wanted to go on an adventure, but she’s essentially carrying Pedro’s dream who wanted to travel with Roger and witness the dawn of the new era, I think it’s important she is witness to that

  9. For me it really just changing up the role of characters. No longer a monster trio. Luffy's 3 commanders like most of the big crews have. He wont get more commanders like Blackbeard though.

  10. Even though Jimbe officially joined later in the series, I feel like he’s been part of the crew since Impel Down—if you look back now since his first appearance, he’s been in almost every arc since.
    He meets Luffy in Impel Down
    Goes with him to Marineford
    Fishman Island is basically his arc, decides to join once he’s done taking care of business
    The crew splits in Dresseossa – Zoro, Usopp, Robin, Franky stay
    Whole Cake Island focuses on the second half of the crew – Sanji, Nami, Chopper, Brook and Jimbe (and Carrot)
    And now everyone is finally together!

  11. I think jinbe had to arrive at wano late because of the people of wano who might assume he was demon like they did kawamatsu

  12. I think with jimbe around there would be no way luffy can rush and attack kaido head on and get captured so to make luffy get captured in order to make him grow strong, Oda decided to keep jimbe at whole cake island knowing jimbe's behaviour he would risk his life to save Luffy and try to save him from getting captured.

  13. imagine Sanji showing the crew his new suit and zorro is going down with his head to sanjis hips
    sanji gets redheaded as he looks down
    Zorro is painting a 7 over the 3 of the suit and say ´´allways nr 7 ´´ xD
    while sanji is screaming ´´ is that permanent marker?´´
    and they start fighting ^^


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