Champions League preview: Can Liverpool, PSG or Tottenham fight back? | ESPN FC

ESPN FC’s Steve Nicol, Alejandro Moreno, Don Hutchison and Gab Marcotti break down this week’s UEFA Champions League round of 16 matches, with four spots in the quarterfinals set to be booked. The guys discuss how playing behind closed doors will affect the players in PSG vs. Borussia Dortmund and Valencia vs. Atalanta. Nicol explains why he is starting to worry about Liverpool, which trails Atletico Madrid 1-0 after the first leg, and Hutchison outlines the grim outlook for Tottenham as Jose Mourinho’s side visits RB Leipzig.

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  1. Atletico – NEVER! ?

  2. '6' Times ?

  3. Nope. Everything is going to be shut down.

  4. Neymar shuts the whole panel

  5. To Alejandro, and the PSG/French football teams haters: may today serves you as a lesson!!!

  6. Liverpool lost ????

  7. liverpool kickout quicklyyyyyy

  8. whos here after 3-2 game? hahahaha

  9. PSG is killing Dortmund what you pundits know about football

  10. Stevie must’ve forgot what they did to Barcelona last year

  11. I don't care how many titles he won for Liverpool, I hate when he opens his mouth to talk about Liverpool, one of the worst pundits right now.

  12. Surely Stevie knows better than to write off Liverpool in a Champions League tie, he did it last season against Barcelona and he was proven to be tottaly wrong and the team they had available that day was a lot more depleted than what they'll have against Atletico Madrid who also happens to be a worse off team than Barcelona …

  13. But at this point, Atalanta must be taken into account for the final win…

  14. Nicol is a wanker. Pass it on.

  15. Well, now we know Tottenham couldn't

  16. Let's be frank here, without any kind of bias, Liverpool can't go through, one mistake from Adrian enough to end up everything, Simeone not gonna let this chance slip.

  17. 1:32 Dom definitely just woke up after the American’s irrelevancy
    put him to sleep

  18. Watch the diving Spanish cheats smashed at Anfield. The crowd alone will turn them to jelly. ?

  19. My predictions are on my channel u dont have to watch them I’m not begging u to but if u want to see my predictions u know where to find them plz no hate I’m not begging u to watch them like everyone else

  20. Oh come on, if liverpool can beat barca 4-0 they can beat anyone even in their current state.

  21. I agree with Steve….if Atletico play very defensive like they always do…..they will go through……..

  22. So much for a loyal fan, How can you on a public platform say that your beloved team will be eliminated. The undermining of Adrian's quality is disgraceful, he's still a quality goalkeeper and a professional. Just not better than Alison, and he's injured.

  23. Playing away games is hard because of the travel not just the fans

  24. ?????
    0:42 ?

  25. I think valencia will go through 3-0

  26. Man PSG seem always have stuff going against them! I have never seen a team which always have the negatives going against them, now they have to play in a empty stadium w/ no fan support and Dortmund chumping at the bits.

  27. do you think Spurs should get a emergency striker like Barcelona ??

  28. tottenham 0-3 leipzig

    liverpool 2-1 atletico

    psg 3-1 bvb

    barca 2-0 napoli

    juventus 2-0 lyon

    City 2-1 real

    Bayern 4-2 Chelsea

  29. Bandwagon fans changing sides back to their actual favorite teams, after Liverpool getting knocked out of CL.

  30. Paris is still favourite. No home advantage…? Juve just played one of their best games against Inter…empty.

  31. I think parking the bus is the best style of playing in morden football now ????, when Mourinho introduced the style everyone was complaining now it seems to be the best in football now but isn't favouring team like Manchester city and Barcelona at all

  32. Simonie is planning to bring all eleven defensive player vs liv

  33. Steve said we couldn't overturn the goals against Barca last season and then we did. I think he is forgetting what means to be a Liverpool in Anfield.


  35. Let Liverpool and atletico play behind close doors I don't think so the loserpool fans want the so called anfield atmosphere to their advantage

  36. Let’s be honest, we all want to see Borussia and Atletico go through.

  37. Well if Liverpool scores in the first 30 minutes, Athletico will have a long night at Anfied. If yu wanna beg to differ, then just wait for Wednesday. I know ATM can play dirty in such scenarios but if there is a team right now in world football that can deliver when it matters most, its Liverpool.

  38. Stevie is a gem. Always entertaining

  39. Primadonna Saint Germain (PSG) are OUT

  40. Difficult for Liverpool but they can win!! Stats mean nothing.

  41. can everybody just play behind close door, after all the corona is everywhere,pls be fair to all

  42. Good job Atalanta

  43. Can Liverpool fight back? What you mean with work to do in a European night at Anfield? Hmmm? That would be a first wouldn't it? what a stupid question!

  44. why would psg be a favourite of any kind? do people not watch them play throughout the years in CL??

  45. Liverpool have got crucial injuries …at the wrong time. I expect them to win 2-1 on the night, and go out on the away goal rule.

  46. gab is a boss

  47. mourinho loves assasinating his own players

  48. only potential problem is no alisson, but adrian will be fine

  49. LFC will school athleti at home

  50. can they come back?
    psg yes
    liverpool yes
    spurs yes
    chelsea yes Because
    this is football, anything can happen

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