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Prime Minister Boris Johnson has left hospital after being treated for coronavirus, but will not immediately return to work, Downing Street says.

Mr Johnson, 55, was taken to St Thomas’ hospital, in London, on Sunday – 10 days after testing positive for the virus.

He had three nights in intensive care before returning to a ward on Thursday.

Downing Street said the PM would continue his recovery at his country residence, Chequers.

“On the advice of his medical team, the PM will not be immediately returning to work. He wishes to thank everybody at St Thomas’ for the brilliant care he has received.

“All of his thoughts are with those affected by this illness.”

The number of people who have died with coronavirus in hospital in the UK was poised to pass 10,000 on Sunday, amid an ongoing row about availability of protective equipment for health care workers.

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  1. Dear Boris Johnson,
    free Julian Assange who is held in prison in London while war criminals are honored by politicians (you don´t need examples, don´t you).
    To keep him in jail ia a disgrace for democracy and your government. Aren´t you ashamed?

  2. I personally think that all overpaid professional athletes mainly premier league footballers should have at least 40% of their wages capped and used to give pay rises to the NHS staff& care workers, they deserve it 110% more than footballers who are sitting at home getting over 15,000 a week

  3. Whatever your political views are , thank goodness that Mr Johnson has survived this deadly virus . All the wonderful NHS doctors ,nurses , NHS cleaners and everybody working on the NHS or working anywhere else to keep Britain going , Thank you.
    Also or any person living in Britain or the world good luck for the future and as Mr Johnson said [ not speaking his words verbatim ] " Love is the main thing that will get us through. "
    I am not a hippy or a goody-two-shoes saying these things but the reason is 7 years ago I almost died after having a serious stroke and I have a life-threatening syndrome which I didn`t know I had until after my stroke and learned that it could kill me at anytime . It changes your thinking and you don`t think about trivial things as much .
    Wishing NHS workers all the best ,wishing the virus sufferers good health and everyone in Britain and the world lots of hope .

  4. Chris Whitty has had dealings with bill Gates and received $40m funding for malaria research, so bill Gates has influence potentially over Chris Whitty, this is dangerous in more ways than one, no wonder Donald trump got rid of fauci when his connections to Bill Gates were exposed

  5. Are you all enjoying this show the media and all our government and PARLIMENT are putting on for you.
    So the BBC are not fact checking anything once again.
    One of the nurses he thank Luis IS NOT REGISTERED on either the NMC or the new coved register of nursing but hay ho we the public will just ignore yet another lie we are being fed by the BBC and our GOVERNMENT, makes me wonder if he even had covid.

  6. looks like a deep fake . see the way it starts to blur when he turns his head and the interaction between the neck and the collar. also notice how is face seems to be centralised, almost domed at the nose. plus it doesn't really look like him. notice the intentional flickering.

  7. Why are you allowing every death to be noted as" died after being tested positive for corona virus" and not died due to corona virus. Is it because when the full truth is dropped you all can escape criminal charges against humanity?
    We all have corona viruses in us. you know that the existing test is a scam. numbers are being falsely inflated.
    All of you in the press and politics should be ashamed and I hope that people realise that the US has started to drain the swamp.

  8. I'm wondering if someone else, in the same condition as him, the hospital would give to that person the same treatment, etc. Don't think so. What is going on here is cos he didn't listen, or made the right decisions. Now the country, as others, is six feet under. Thanks Westminster

  9. Who knows that maybe they will start to look after the people, invest more money in the health system and less or nothing into military and selfish resources grabbing wars.

  10. Hopefully the billions pledged will indeed reach frontline staff. They deserve it, and hospitals need it after the billions Labour has left the NHS reeling from every year from PFI debt since the early 2000s. Biggest damage ever done to the NHS which happened to be by Labour, needs to be undone. Tories have had a decade, so time to act already.


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