Do Spurs need a rebuild under Mourinho? Studio analysis after RB Leipzig 3-0 Spurs

Rio Ferdinand, Glenn Hoddle and Peter Crouch analyse Tottenham’s current situation under Jose Mourinho’s management.

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  1. Spurs are cooked. They had a blip where they had some good youth academy players come through at the same time as some of their bought players peaked, and still managed to win nothing. They will not get any better than they were next season. They are on the way down again to being a 5th-6th placed team on the regular.

  2. Been saying it to a lot of my Spurs pals for ages, they need John McGinn. He's everything they're missing.

  3. they need a new manager.

  4. We needed a rebuild in summer 2018!! Can’t finish 23 points behind the champions and not buy a single player. That’s negligence in the extreme. Get rid of:


    Mourinho is finished at this level. His outdated tactics and methods simply do not work anymore. How many top level managers NEED a tall, strong person up top to succeed? This isn’t 1991.

    Those players listed simply aren’t good enough either. None of them would even make the bench for any elite club in Europe, yet we’re supposedly striving to be among the elite? Having a laugh.

  5. What mourinho needs is his old assistant coach back

  6. A rebuild without Jose would be preferable.

  7. The problem is Levy. He won't ever spend for strength in depth in the squad.

  8. Send Kane to Real Madrid and get Bale Modric and Luka Jovic in exchange. The rest just do a Borussia and look for young wonderkids.

  9. Jose’s done. He was done at United, he’s still done now. Can’t believe Spurs went for him..

  10. The team has been together for too long, look at other teams, that they start with, Liverpool and even Chelsea, its added players, instead they lost players

  11. It's more like a demolition job now with Mourinho

  12. Will listen to Glen, the others could be any football fans opinion!

  13. Mourinhos Potatoes.

  14. Jose is an absolute dinosaur who has been left behind by the game

  15. Stop doing long balls

  16. Will Spurs win trophy under Jose Mourinho next season? NO, THEY WILL NOT!!! They won’t get into next season’s European competitions and as a result will not attract top level talent to seriously compete with the teams ahead of them this season. Mourinho should not have taken this job and Spurs should have never given it to him. His track record shows that he needs tons of money to compete and Spurs’ track record reveal that they like to try without much financial investment (as compared to top/successful clubs). What a mess.

  17. What ‘shape’ gets him fired early with a $25m pay off? That is the shape…

  18. Mourinho out!! Back to mere punditry where he belongs!!!

  19. When Mourinho is struggling, life feels so good. Even my marriage is stronger this week ??

  20. they need a new manager

  21. Don’t put all the blame on Jose. He was doing relatively well before the injuries starts coming in.

  22. oh didnt realise Glenn Hoddle was on this video. No thanks BT!

  23. jose is gonna do more damage than daniel levy could imagine.

  24. I said it when Spurs signed mourinho and I will say it again….Mourinho is a spent force, they should have went for Xavi Hernandez or Andres Iniesta as manager.

  25. Cheque book manager

  26. its poch and jose fault cause this season they had 2 transfers window and yet they didnt think k what if son kane bergwin injured they didnt think of replacements

  27. They should sell Kane if they can get £120+, and use that cash to bolster the team and buy a striker who isn’t injury prone.

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