Do You Remember Mikel Arteta At Arsenal?

Do You Remember Mikel Arteta At Arsenal? (Man City: Welcome back to Arsenal)

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  1. Yeah a good midfelider

  2. Mikel 😍

  3. Get well soon boss♡

  4. I imagine him taking training sessions.

  5. lol the video was over before it started 😄

  6. Get well soon small boss…. he was a silent leader, a magician, him and santi together was beautiful to watch… not saying he was xavi or iniesta class but he was certainly on wijnaldums level, or as good as pjanic or eriksen

  7. Came to uk signed for rangers then sold cheap 5 million +

  8. Who's back here after hearing Arteta has Coronavirus?

    Get well soon Mikel from Liverpool fan!

  9. Cv19 :((

  10. My Manager ❤️

  11. i remember arteta at everton

  12. Yg paling gua inget gol jarak jauhnya ke gawang Man City

  13. After the recent news it's heartbreaking to watch.

  14. A class act as a person, player and coach. Let’ s wish him the success he deserves.

  15. Who Else Here After Arteta Tested Postive Corona Virus

  16. Get well soon boss.

  17. Get well soon Coach.

  18. Who could forget

  19. get well soon Mikel Arteta from COVID 19

  20. Corona ☹️

  21. Video be looking like a tribute

  22. And now he has COVID 19.. Sad..

  23. Back when we were a respected top dog club. Would be nice if he could restore Arsenal to that level, but we'll see. For now he just has to get through covid.

  24. And now,he has diagnosed positive corona virus 🙁

  25. Hope he gets well soon as he just tested positive for coronavirus

  26. Corona

  27. R.I.P

  28. I look at him again over over so much passion why can't he get best out ozil..show playing with no passions all money

  29. Arshaviiiiiin

  30. He was like the student in class who came early, had a pretty girlfriend which he married, likely to have a great career, had good greats and helped teachers and took care of his siblings. The sort of guy you were jealous of but still liked him.

  31. Reminds me of Fabregas, what a great lad

  32. ARTETA was class

  33. Milner best off will look just like this

  34. Perpect from player to manager.

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