Epic Games Store Mega Sale 2020

The Epic Games Store Mega Sale is back, with a free game each week and great offers on some of the biggest titles in video games. See all the games on sale here:

The Mega Sale also includes a $10 coupon issued for each purchase ($14.99 and above), and incredible discounts on major video game titles like Control, Satisfactory, Borderlands 3, Red Dead Redemption 2 and The Outer Worlds!

The Mega Sale event crashes out of the gate with an incredible free game offer: Rockstar’s best-selling, award-winning Grand Theft Auto V. Claim now through May 21 at 11:00 AM Eastern.

That’s just the just the beginning — every week of the Mega Sale we will open up the Epic Vault to reveal a new free game offer that you simply can’t miss.

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  1. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭☺️😭😢😢😢😢 why bro

  2. Areglen las turbinas al lado del yate

  3. Excelentes juegos

  4. Fix fortnite

  5. Gongfei

  6. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  7. Not fair

  8. Today I downloaded Fortnite and I did my account and it took Morning till night

  9. Epic games why did fortninte With Internet it’s not fair I can’t play because our Internet is too slow

  10. Buff aim assist on Fortnite

  11. Pls can we get fucking sa servers if i die to lag again im reporting you gays im on 200 ping every time or your compony is geting shut down

  12. hey EG i have reedeem my coupons but wan i wanna spend the coupons it brings me to the payment method not to the checkout

  13. Epic games pls bring back gta 5 free im too late pls i beck u 😢😢

  14. i love steam but it's nice to have some competition, good job.!

  15. I have claimed the free coupon but it can't be used on any games it seems like the coupon just disappeared

  16. Epic games I didn’t get to you that you know Mike what’s your gun in Fortnite I never got to hear that before can you add it back to the game in Fortnite

  17. Epic games vas a su subir GTA 5

  18. Can you do a Freddy mercury live event pls


  20. Je voudrais que vous Epic game mofre un skin mon pseudo silicone_ ovale

  21. If your the real epic games can I have my skin vice back please

  22. Controll for 20 € that a great price

  23. epic can remove a midas skye brutus miaoscles and deadpool and secuases of shade and secuased of secuases of spectrum

  24. Can you make fortnite mobile

  25. Epic games everyone on tiktok including me wants the og map back on fortnite please

  26. My laptop can’t run gta well

  27. Manica di ritardati

  28. I took division 2 and crew 2 for 15 both to thank you for giving me gta 5 and civ 6 for free.

  29. I cant use my coupon to buy steep why

  30. Bring back the OG map season X

  31. Axing you for thousand signs bring it back

  32. Bring back the OG map

  33. Epic I Ben trying to say for a long time the I accidentally purcheded the laugh it up emote and the ninja emot I'm just trying to ask if I can please have my vbux back and fell free to remove those from my locker my epic is sonic3245 and would love to return those emotes for my vbux thank you

  34. Hi epic games company i need to install fortnite on my sumsung galaxy A10 but it doesn't allow me i tried for 2 months to download so please can you make me my version and thank you 👌☺️☺️

  35. Quiero mis 40 puntos de arena los perdí por un bug que volé en la lanzadera e iva súper lento y me mataron por el bug por favor si hay forma de que me los sumen o hagan algo

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