Huawei P40 Pro Unboxing and Camera Test

Huawei just announced their new P40, P40 Pro and P40 Pro+. Here is my unboxing of the Huawei P40 Pro in Matte Gray.

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  1. Come hang out on Lew Later some time – https://youtube.com/lewlater

  2. Saludos desde 🇬🇹.. En esta Cuarentena 2020

  3. Is it me or is Lew looking a bit down?

  4. Lol oh finally it good to see you are sitting mate…😁🙄 any ways on to the review of the p40

  5. Watching on my P30 Pro
    … With Google services 😎

  6. No LgV60 review?

  7. Corona will take anroid to fully work with huawei again, US will redo the Ban

  8. Where is Willy Du….?

  9. Trash

  10. I won't watch, the studio lighting is bad, i want the old lighting, and the way u talk, ur spirit, i cant get enough therapy during this corona

  11. I'm kinda confused about this phone…..the camera is amazing but no Google, google playstore and YouTube is kinda annoying me….probably will go for Samsung S20

  12. Lew that video is how you should do them all, at a chair, straight to the point, dish the information out about the product and bang job done! Great job on your tod!

  13. Give me this phone +923144545145 whats app for my address i know you send me this phone because i love this phone

  14. Huawei p40(not the pro version) or P30 Pro or Samsung Galaxy S10 (not the plus version) which of this three phones should i buy? I dont really need google services i can use the yt on browser and the others apps from them or to move from android to apple and to buy Iphone XS(not max) in my country theirs prices are very similar the only things i want is a fast phone with a good camera

  15. the studio is like there's blackout there. it's so low light. did u change your lightbulb? do you use candle as your light source? test the camera in low light environment is not representative.

  16. Cameras with smartphones in them 😂

  17. m

  18. miss willy 🙁

  19. Go back to the old way.. you are losing views. Myself included.. I hate the new vids

  20. laughs in APK

  21. Nice

  22. can you plz unbox honor 9x?

  23. Please review SONY XPERIA 1 II 🙏

  24. Best looking phone in 2020 so far

  25. Why this pill shape cutout in 2020,its ruining the whole look of the phone🤪🤪

  26. The screen:body ratio is useless if you have that big ugly pill camera cutout.

  27. get lost china

  28. need to rename the phone. Corona 100

  29. Samsung: we made the wierdest camera on a phone
    Huawei: hold my p40

  30. that cutout on front is ugly as fuck.

  31. Which one did you like Samsung or this one?

  32. Did you disinfect the phone from China-19 virus?

  33. S20 Ultra?

  34. These Androids phones just look the same to me. No identity.

  35. OMG when he showed us the bottle of water i just about freaked out when i saw the manican head !!!!!

  36. U are a fucking idiot

  37. This was Everything

  38. U R Best 😍❣️

  39. Even with how much potential this thing has and how incredible the cameras are, the lack of ANY google services automatically causes me to ignore this phone. AppGallery is garbage.

  40. Sana all. Hangang pangarap nalang 😭😭💔

  41. he is different

  42. You are the best in techno world in you tube bc you are always the first than the others.👍👍👍

  43. 不用华为是汉奸

  44. Nice

  45. Could we see the phone you use on a daily basis so far in 2020?

  46. I saw to my surprise on Huawei's website that the P40 Pro does NOT have an OLED display but an LCD one. What a dissapointment.

  47. Samsung Galaxy A80

  48. Does Lew have Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy.mid playing in the background?

  49. As a Samsung fan that just got my S20 ultra seeing all the new phones and the colors just irks me even more as I look at my boring dull flat grey. Samsungs $200 phones are more exciting than grey and black. If Huawei had the right people running it we'd be saying Samsung who?

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