In full: Climate activist Greta Thunberg rebukes world leaders | A New Climate

The teenager reprimanded those who she accused of ignoring science and being too slow in their approach to tackle climate change.

Watch her statement in full.

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  1. Cringe

  2. The drama, the drama…

  3. Talk less, Read more

    Read less, Talk more

  4. A koje dovede, luđi koji su je doveli, nego ona

  5. So disgusting, stop talking.

  6. Is this girl British because my teacher said shes swedish

  7. I admire gretta l am.a nuclear phyciscist and astrophycist what she is telling is 100%. I suport her 100%. To save this planet from total.human.extinction.. shr is the savior of human.race. believe she pure truthful

  8. The poor girl looks haunted, confused and emotionally messed up.

  9. It is a pity how many thousands of people rejoice and admire and look at again in her face, which is a lie! I'm glad that wherever I check in the net, most videos are not liked than liked, which reassures me that people can think, still!

  10. DoN't LoOk DOwN pLz

  11. Oscar clip.

  12. Think about it does Greta eat vegetables or meat or even both🤔🤔🤔

  13. is true,we are bad.
    why is 50% dislikes more than likes?

  14. She needs to calm down 😂

  15. bruh i think she mad annoying frfr

  16. Idk why, but I'm laughing so hard while watching her AHAHAHAHHAHA

  17. I love how she gets named person of the year for just literally stating the obvious

  18. K

  19. 00:00 every step sis video ever made

  20. Spoilt brat

  21. I mean she's a good person but hey it's funny to watch her talk trash to people 😂 😂😂

  22. ХА, Она вообще знает, что есть россия???

  23. Her:I shouldn't be here

    Me:Claps 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  24. Colombia la apoya!!!

  25. Omg ur pointing out problems not solving it cmon guys how do we think

  26. Words dont equal actions

  27. There is no point in listening to her cause we all know this already so what’s the point to say it again

  28. Ewwwwwwww 👉women's rights 👈 👉 👉👉👉👉👉fiction edit: I'm kidding

  29. Ei Greta, cadê tu pra falar sobre o planeta na crise kkkk cadê seus textos

  30. Ich hasse die so!₩

  31. coronavirus did more 4 the envoierment than she did

  32. This is cringe …..seriously.(greta thunberg face 🥴)

  33. Greta thunberberg protested for saving nature
    Mother earth:calls 📞 corona

  34. Who else is here from tiktok

  35. Lots of Comments say that she doesn’t have any idea of what she is talking about.

    Well then, people of this world.

    Tell me a logical and elaborate plan of how to slow down climate change. Also tell me how the government affects the climate.

    I’m waiting.

  36. She obviously didn't write that. She was forced to speak & was told what to say. She is controlled by a handler. This is pure propaganda for an agenda pushed by the evil elite. Back in the 70's the fear they pushed was global cooling & the threat to crops was the issue. No more food. Then they changed it to global warming, then to climate change. The earth has always changed. There are rocks in Central Park NY that were carried there on ice sheets from the north pole. So…don't let fear politics mold your thoughts…

  37. Is she from north korea?

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