Johnny Depp & Amber Heard Abuse Claims: Amber Caught Lying Under Oath! NEW AUDIO and VIDEO!


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This new video and audio was first reported on by the Daily Mail. It is from Amber’s 2016 sworn deposition, taken just before Amber Heard dropped her domestic violence allegations against Johnny Depp.

Amber has repeatedly testified that she only hit Johnny one time during their relationship. We already know that’s a lie, but here is a very crucial point in her deposition, in which she willfully commits perjury, lying under oath about it.

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Amber Heard’s First Audio Confession to abusing Johnny Depp:

Amber Heard tells Johnny Depp nobody will believe him:

Amber Admits to Multiple attacks on Johnny Depp:

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Daily Mail Article:



  1. she's such a fucking scumbag and a damn liar and she destroyed his life with lies.. Too bad she's such a bad fucking person cause she kinda got the looks going for her

  2. "INCREDIBLY AVERAGE" hey at least you know the truth lmao. the truth is though that average you are and unfortunately the majority of the world, or at least America, is beyond stupid. What are you even saying?! You're little talk bubbles, poor attempt at being witty, ruined this audio and investigative "journalism" ?!?! THE FUCK. you are implying that amber heard was WHAT?! asking for it?? she deserved it!! LMAO . she has admitted, and not claimed to be innocent unlike Johnny Depp. The much older man in the relationship who married this girl while she was in her 20s and knew her whole past and back story. He was begging her to not divorce, and she obviously wanted to get the fuck out. You make it seem like Johnny is a fucking saint who was framed and its a joke. They both cheated, have tempers, egos, they're human but at the end of the day he is bigger and stronger (even if she is taller than him lmao) and if he was so unhappy by her abuse he should have left long ago instead of waiting for her to leave and claim his abuse instead of the other way around. context and power roles do matter

  3. As a child who watched my father literally break his hand at one stage off of my mothers head this is so sad to me. I am traumatised and I’m nearly 40 and she literally has no remorse. I feel so triggered and just sad. She should be in prison.

  4. Not sure why I'm watching this while the world is crumbling…but it's a respite from terror and a nice segue for purging some disgust, because it is absolutely righteous to be disgusted with this little girl. She's not a woman. She's utterly repulsive. The contempt in her condescending responses and that LOOK on her face! I can't even imagine the rage he felt toward her after his mother died and knowing he tried to accommodate her in whatever way while all that was going on. I mean just remaining with her at all would have been accommodating because his family saw through her and he was still holding on. And what he said about her to his actor friend…these people make you feel so powerless for so long. That didn't surprise me at all. They bring out the evil in everyone because that's their frequency. So when you're with one, you really are operating from a very dark place inside you.

  5. This bitch needs to get punished for this what she did was horrible and her actions need consequences and I hope Johnny get the justice he deserves.

  6. how do you escape into a room in which someone else is in?????? doors to rooms open into the rooms not outwards into the hallway!! this bitch is fucking CRAZY

  7. This is a white girls wold always has been. Let this be other type of Demo/gender they be behind bars & canceled for life

  8. You would do anything for your little sister to protect her? How about you not abuse your husband or put your sister in the middle of a domestic altercation you started. Also how about all the times you beat up Johnny while his children were at home. Do you think that’s ok? Do you think that’s healthy for two bright maturing children to see or hear their father abused by his Wife the woman who promised to protect and love him until death do you part.

  9. Notice how she smiles and grins after Johnny says “you clocked me” it’s like she enjoyed it… she’s proud of it. I smile when I’m trying to lie and I’m caught in the act I even laugh sometimes. This woman is a serial seductress who loves abusing her partners… it’s like she gets off on it. Also gum in the mouth before a Judge is very disrespectful and not classy at all pumpkin.

  10. this ladies and gentleman is how women have behaved for centuries. proffesional victim and ruining succesfulls mens lifes

  11. Her acting skills are abysmal. Even her own lawyer ain't buying this.

    I like how she's jumping in after her lawyer objected for her. It's like watching a person bury themselves coz they couldn't wait.

  12. She is blatantly disrespectful to other people all around. The eating, looking around like she has better places to be, trying to avoid answering, smirking all of those point to she just doesn’t care about others.

    She puts on a great show, or so she thinks. Manipulators sometimes think that people believe these elaborate lies and stories they tell to get themselves out of trouble and make the other person look bad or even crazy. It starts off as people believing them but then over a bit of time they will start catching them in these crazy lies. Even over the smallest things.

    Body language and manipulation with her is scary and she is really dangerous. No one should be dating her until she admits she needs some help.
    Ps the lack of emotion in her eyes is disturbing.

  13. Here in Sicily, we call a local wiseguy and ask for a service. The rest is sorted out "and one day, and that day might never come, we might be called upon to return the favor."

  14. What I don't understand about Amber is that she was already rich. Also, she is incredibly physically beautiful, and famous. What more did she want? When she noticed he wouldn't be her puppet, just leave him be and break up. She can have another rich man who does everything for her if that's her desire. What was her goal here? I will never understand. She is clearly insane. Or did she want to accuse him first because she feared he'd talk about the truth? I honestly don't think he would have done that, he has always been very private.

  15. I mean we all know amber is a liar..but what about those "raping her burnt corpse" texts that have been going around?

  16. It's fantastic that you are getting this information out. These horrible excuses for human beings will never stop until they are held to account. (even then it's doubtful)

  17. Hi Brian, I really appreciate your work. It's amazing. Can you also do a video about the "finger-story" please?

  18. I’m so disgusted with her lies… Thanks Amber Heard your known all around the world now as the most hated women in America. To think I use to be one of your fans….I’m disgusted with myself for that mistake.

  19. The court also heard a chilling account of the March 2015 fight where Depp, 56, allegedly ripped off 33-year-old Heard’s nightgown, grabbed her by her breasts, then by her neck and strangled her.

    How can anyone believe that Depp even did those things.

  20. She reminds me of that crazy blonde lady from the movie Obsessed, the one who tried to steal Beyonce's husband. 😂

  21. She's eating during it to give her time(stalling) to come up with a response. She's taking what she's done to Johnny and turning it around and saying that he did it to her.

  22. Her body language, her contradicting her words, stuttering this whole video is her proving she has no real evidence of abuse from Johnny.. she’s showing a sign of mental issues rather than someone suffering from violence.

  23. Where is the " Me too" movement? Weirdly enough,they don't exist to help that situation… and defend the honor of a man who was a VICTIM. Smh
    I hope that lawyer got a good paycheck from her, you can't tell me this man did not sense she was lying.

  24. She’s conspicuously specific when she speaks of Johnny being violent against her, but babbles and everything is just a “thing” when asked about her violent behavior.
    Look at her smug, smirky face. She has ZERO respect for true victims of abuse. This is a glimpse into her attitude AS AN ABUSER toward those she insults, throws things at, kicks, punches, slaps, clocks, etc.
    She really thinks this is all just funny. For her mother’s sake, I hope Amber doesn’t get involved with a real abuser – even though it’s exactly what Amber deserves.


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