Kylian Mbappé 2020 – Speed Show , Skills & Goals – HD

kylian mbappe amazing skills show 2020.
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  2. He will be the next best player in the world?

  3. I gave up on this stupid video at 3 min. M'Bappe had switched jerseys so often, I hadn't a clue what i was watching.

  4. This video is made by someone with ADHD for people with ADHD. M'Bappe is far more skilled than this.

  5. Aquí está el comentario que buscas en español

  6. It looks like Mbappe will be the representative of the number 7 after CR7.

  7. Putin mais ce Dieu ⚡️?

  8. ?
    football is the meaning of life
    1:54 ??

  9. If he do good at Euro and champions league this year he can win ballond'or this year

  10. Hi guys

  11. Kylian mbappe my favorito after Ronaldo

  12. ">" = "is the better professional football player than"! For example, Kylian Mbappé > Lionel Andrés Messi!

  13. Je suis le deuxième le plus rapide de mon equipe

  14. This just reminds me how well Ronaldo was, back in magical 2007-2008 season

  15. While Mbappe is a great football player, i think the very low standard of the league hes playing in makes him look better than he really is. The Premier League is waiting.

  16. He looks 44 on the thumbnail

  17. Welcome to REAL MADRID .!!

  18. Embape. ja. Sam. jajomeljini. fan. Ja se Luka., a. Preziva Vuja nić

  19. I think he is like Young CR7

  20. 7:50 What 's name song? Please!!!

  21. At first I thought it was a scam but after he sent me $4625 to pay my bills and deb

  22. Eu acho o pompo melhor q ele

  23. Чакаме те в Реал Мадрид да станеш велик футболист

  24. New Ronaldo phenomenon

  25. Le Real Madrid adopte une stratégie répétée pour kidnapper Mbabi venez voir la video sur ma chaine youtube

  26. Mbape 1200 gol karier

  27. Türk varmı??

  28. He is no Ronaldo or Messi.

  29. I want to play like mbappé Inshallah

  30. just imagine him joining liverpool…

  31. Younger but powerful

  32. I'm french and i can say that he is hugely overrated. His technique is not incredible but good speed and good finition.

  33. Bonjour c'est Marine

  34. Tai chez toi n Kilian bape
    Bé nuit killan dor bien

  35. Reminds me so much of r9

  36. Cr7 Messi neymar mbappe are the best ??

  37. Faz do brasileiro cracasso Philippe coutinho

  38. No salah is more effective in stronger league?????

  39. Mbappé vous avez confon du une Etoile et un réverbère…un caractère de racaille de merde…qui est-il pour dire ses exigences à Monsieur Cavani…il ne lui arrive même pas à l orteil…ce petit branleur mlntre son vrai visage…et l'exemple du bouffi Neymar n'arrange rien…il se voit trop beau ce nase il va vite atterir…

  40. Mbappe needs Zidane to be a complet striker and it will be "woot woot woot"

  41. 1:18 offside¨?

  42. I love neymar ❤

  43. I can run faster

  44. El futuro de madrid

  45. je suis le seul a parlé français

  46. Mbappe is King

  47. Só arrastão top

  48. awesome

  49. can somebody please do enock mwepu video

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