Kylie Jenner: Through the Ages | KUWTK | E!

From boy problems as a youngster to balancing rumors as an adult, check out Kylie’s coming-of-age moments on “KUWTK.”

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Kylie Jenner: Through the Ages | KUWTK | E!

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  1. She’s scared of paparazzi when getting her license because when she was three weeks old Diana died from paparazzi chasing her

  2. Bruce is so dramatic damb he was like 9

  3. No eres fea, eres pobre

  4. Okay so after Kylie’s first surgery I must admit she looked pretty! But now days I think she has gone overboard . She only needs to get lip fillers maaaby once a year but it’s looking like she gets them once a month! She’s starting to look monstrous when she smiles or talks, it’s turning into a mental illness with her and I do feel sorry for her.

  5. 201?: I only want like two kids at like not thirtee
    2020: I want like four kids and I was only 21 and I miss being pregnant
    (No hate just a joke I love Kylie) ❤️

  6. I think she looked best when she first got the lip fillers and should’ve stopped there. Oh well

  7. Kylie,was hideous and those non-existent lips are hilarious!


  9. Kylie is uglier when she eats

  10. omg when kylie was a real person!!!

  11. Surgery saved kylie jenner!!!

  12. Shade 🤣

  13. Wow look at Kendall.. no wonder Kylie gave herself a full body overhaul..

  14. Calm down Bruce, the boy isn't black.

  15. I'm not a Kardashian-Jenner fan at all but Kylie was never ugly. She was pretty in her own way before all the surgery. If she had insecurities and wanted to get stuff done well that's her life. I'm not hating I just think the lip fillers in some scenes looked rather off.

  16. I know that struggle Kylie. Being the youngest and being a girl and not being able to have friends that are guys😐🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  17. I can’t believe people thought she was ugly before. I think she was beautiful!

  18. Who else loves this channel


    We a have a special surprise for our next 10 subs 😍

  19. She was naturally so pretty. Wished she would have kept her natural look.

  20. She basically changed identity.

  21. @3:27 the lies lmao

  22. She had the same surgery her transsexual father had on her face facial feminization because she was ugly

  23. I've never rested under a larger palm tree…..the compilation ALONE is SHHHAAADDDDDDEEEE

  24. I think Kylie gets more hate than she deserves I mean so what she got plastic surgery and photoshops sometimes who cares she’s still a good mom and she seems really down to earth just because of her family it’s a problem if she wasn’t famous and an everyday person it’d be fine leave the girl alone.

  25. Baby girl got money though lol

  26. https://youtu.be/8lurQFIS1Zo

  27. I like her original face

  28. Ok..Kylie talking kids while still with Tyga?? Hmmm..Hmmm..😳

  29. Khloe..hold the highlighter..ok?? 😅😅🎈🎈

  30. Kylie was so cute when younger .😍😘💝🎈

  31. That boy was like 8 or 9..Bruce overreacting much?? Omg..😳

  32. She’s perfect and I really think her family didn’t believe in her as much now look at her she has more money than them

  33. She look Nothing like she did even from 3 years ago. But denies having any plastic surgery. You are a Jenner Not at Kardashian. Those are the Armenian genes honey, which You do not have.

  34. All that plastic surgery

  35. Who needs credit when ur rich? Kim asked her you have credit lmao 🤣🤣

  36. I wonder what she got done besides her lips. She's so pretty now!

  37. Kylie through the ages and through the many surgeries….. she doesn't even look the same now….

  38. Kylie Jenner Kardashian was more bootyful before her lips surgery!🤦🏻‍♀️💗

  39. This girl is a billionaire owning a cosmetics business and she doesn’t even know what credit is?!
    Yeah. Now I know for sure, for sure. She isn’t running her own business or doing anything for it at all!

  40. I feel like she's the most matured among her sisters when she became a mother.

  41. I’ve never heard a 6 yr old referred to as a “guy”. Weird.

  42. The drastic changes are really obvious when compared like that

  43. ahaha

  44. Funny how people say "she did surgeries because of people who criticized" uhm no girl she did surgeries 'cause she wanted, if she would have done that for people judgements she would actually regret it today. But as you can tell she' s feeling good in her skin nowadays so she did it for her

  45. The boy was like 9 and she was 14

  46. Damn so much surgery guess God didn't make you as planned lol b happy with yourself ppl don't need fake anything
    Like father like daughter😝😝

  47. Ohh yeah her lips definitely ain’t done ✅😂😂

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