LASK 0-5 Manchester United:Solskjaer react to Ighalo on fire?Match Analysis

Odion Ighalo opened scoring for Manchester United with an excellent strike
Daniel James ended 32-game goal drought to double United lead in second half
Juan Mata and Mason Greenwood added United’s third and fourth late on


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  1. ?????
    whatch this ❤️❤️❤️❤️
    0:51 ???
    ? ? ?❣

  2. Ighalo wat a great player sign him on a 2 year deal

  3. Who was the team u beat ?

  4. Lol surprisingly that one of the biggest clubs in world actually beat a team called lask awmsl seriously in a cup for 5th n 6th place finishers called the europa cup awmsl dam united really are going backwards if there celebrateing this.

  5. Its lask man u could have scored 10

  6. Why does ince almost sound like he’s going to stutter

  7. Big up Statman Dave

  8. I love Scandinavians with northern accents

  9. We need to get rid of 3 players and bring 5 new faces in and we will once again be one hell of a dangerous team ?

  10. We've seen these " Wee" Teams
    Trip us up before! ⛹️?
    So ROLL ON UNITED. ⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡

  11. Ole getting back younger

  12. Them looserpool and ManPussy talking shit when United wins a Match and they lose theirs

  13. Right players make the difference, after Klopp bough Allison Van Djik and Salah they became a force before that they were a joke, and pep struggle in his first season and then spend oil money and second season is history

  14. How much the goals are not showing in this video?

  15. Big up Ole with fresh trim ????? looking FRESH haha

  16. i need to contact the users please i need experience of this app

  17. So happy Ole is shutting up people like Paul Ince. Battered him when he got the job. OLE AND UNITED FOR LIFE

  18. Utd going to champions League next season, one way or other.

  19. Lukaku were coming for you

  20. Get an African player and your club is back again…

  21. Without spectators it makes the game FAIR at last.

  22. Statman daddy ?

  23. Man United is on fire

  24. Ole's body language when mentioning Pereiras goal indicates he's done out here. Time will tell

  25. his first touch was exellent, the control superb and the finish………a banggggg………..what a player he has become,,,, well done Ighalo

  26. Masons and Igahlos goals????

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