LIVE: Liverpool vs Atletico Madrid (0-1) | Will The Champions League Holders Go Out?


Liverpool will have to overcome a first leg deficit if they want any chance of retaining the Champions League. Will the holders be able to progress against Atletico Madrid?

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Champions League Last 16:

RB Leipzig vs Tottenham (4-0)
Valencia vs Atalanta (4-8)
Liverpool vs Atletico Madrid (0-1)
Paris Saint-Germain vs Borussia Dortmund (1-2)
Juventus vs Lyon (0-1)
Manchester City vs Real Madrid (2-1)
Barcelona vs Napoli (1-1)
Bayern Munich vs Chelsea (3-0)



, Kết quả cup c1 tối qua

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  1. 2:12:40 – 2:15:40
    You see their cockiness rise and fall in 3 minutes, I LOVE IT. You pieces of sh*t

  2. I absolutely love the guy sitting on the far right lol

  3. The one thing about this channel that I enjoyed was the fact that everyone hated Liverpool??????

  4. 2:40:25 more proof that Ernie doesn't watch anything other than the PL???

  5. 2:35:45 Meyler obviously doesn't know that Obaseki knows absolutely nothing about football????

  6. Dougie stop being so salty Jesus Christ

  7. LiVARpool lost!!!Ihave never been this pleased before. Gore what they deserved the little pricks??

  8. I think Atletico deserve to win the UCL cup

  9. This is anfield ??. Sometimes you are lucky and sometimes you are not. You have been riding your luck all season and it ran out today.

  10. So happy Atleti went through, executed their game plan to perfection

  11. 1:32:30 should be mystic Meyler?

  12. 1:26:20 If I had a cent for every time Dougie made a wrong prediction, I'd be a millionaire?????

  13. Watford 3-0 FC Loserpool
    Chelsea 1-0 FC Loserpool
    FC Loserpool 2-3 Atletico Madrid ??

    R.I.P. FC Loserpool !

    Knocked out in Champions League in the last 16

    Knocked out from F.A. Cup in round 5

    Knocked out from Carabao League Cup in the quarter finals

    The first defeat in Premier League.

    All this between january and march 2019 ??.

    In one word: FC Loserpool ?.

  14. "welcome to anfield"

  15. 2:46:14

    Chris, Sam and Jackson kill me ???

  16. These mofos are so butthurt that it’s enjoyable to watch

  17. this liverpool team will never be anywhere near "the best team in premier league history"

  18. 53:30 Sam "Wrong Opinion" Obaseki strikes again??????

  19. They didn't even deserve last year …… Karma strikes back

  20. Dougie is behaving like a sissy and is soo annoying atleast the Liverpool fan was accepting and taking it like a man and a real fan

  21. atlético weren't lucky, that's the way they always play, it was a simeone masterclass, one of the games of the season.
    the problem is that simeone plays like this against every team and if the opposition isn't strong enough the game just becomes boring.

  22. 42:10 Neymar 1-0
    57:35 Wijnaldum 1-0
    1:00:08 Bernat 2-0
    2:12:55 Firmino 2-0
    2:15:40 Llorente 2-1
    2:24:36 Llorente 2-2
    2:45:30 Morata 2-3

  23. Athletico Madrid deservedly won. They made Liverpool chase the game and got tired of it, when LFC got hit on the counter, the defence was lazy and sluggish

  24. Football Daily what a bunch of psycho analysts…

  25. Premier league is called off due to the coronavirus

  26. Allison wonderland is average

  27. Ole is at the wheel

  28. Football won in the end

  29. The disrespect to real madrid is just shocking. Barcelona got mentioned as winners but not real?? How?? And as always deluded english fans naming flop.city as favourites lol. I dont even think they will make it past THE REAL KINGS

  30. quit winning Dougie

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