Manchester City v Manchester United | Carabao Cup 19/20 Match Highlights

Manchester City v Manchester United | Carabao Cup 19/20 Match Highlights

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Man United vs Man City Premier league 8 March 2020 Gameplay

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  1. I thought I am watching City’s highlight for the first 3 mins

  2. What’s that?… over 2 minutes you say?

  3. Congratulations city 3 times in a row, neutral fan but villa arent doing shit

  4. City always try to score the perfect goal too often. If all the players had the ruthlessness of aguero this game and tie wouldve been out of sight long ago regardless of de geas saves

  5. Fuck Man City (Not a United fan, just hate City)

  6. Don’t get Manchester United they’ll play shit against bang average teams & get beat but the moment they play a world class team they win

  7. United play rubbish football, this shows when they come against big teams all they do is park the bus and counter attack they have no tactics. They got lucky this time because city are shit at finishing. But this isn't a long term solution for united.

  8. man United are so lucky. They have nothing going for them. City are on a different level

  9. what is this video quality??

  10. What a game by De Gea

  11. We fucking suck

  12. Who does this commentator think he is trying to imitate aguerooooooooooo. 5:25

  13. You can tell it's a Bein sports broadcast by the pixelation. 480p most likely, which is quite pathetic.

  14. What in the world happened to our players. All the chances were easily missed

  15. Man United only had 1 chance ahahaha

  16. Harry Maguire what a legend in that game. United deserved to win that game. And should of got 2 to really make it interesting.

  17. Static matic comes with the goodies

  18. KDB gives city so many chances

  19. im looking for a vegan boyfriend with a big d*ck

  20. Sterling is an utter 🦀

  21. man city messed up a lot of great chances.

  22. City players didnt wanna have a shot on goal….too many easy chances to score.

  23. Haven't seen this De Gea in over 2 years

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