Modern Warfare WARZONE Live Gameplay! (New Call of Duty Battle Royale)

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (COD MW) Warzone battle royale multiplayer gameplay live with Typical Gamer!

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  1. For his m4 he has monolithic surpressor ranger foregrip, strippled grip tape and 60 round mag and monocle sight

  2. Play more

  3. What you s you he game name

  4. You should do more COD bro you’re good

  5. Here’s a tip when you get in the gulag paint them red or yellow in the waiting area so when you fight them they stick out

  6. I am stuck in my house for 2 months so I been watching your videos

  7. love this man but kinda toxic in this tho

  8. im here Before You Hit 100k subz. When's Your next vid? I would love to be buddies 😮

  9. He gave up on warzone that fast😂

  10. i would like to take you pssies into a real war sone.

  11. Please do more warzone

  12. You should have Samaera redway play

  13. I’m watching this while trying to pull a all nighter wish me luck

  14. Love watching you guys play this!

  15. What da heck 😂 lit every vid I comment when he says “what da heck” so it’s at 15:10

  16. Sup subscribe to TG

  17. Thank you for playing cod

  18. Bro uk finally shut down schools THATS MEANS I CAN WATCH YOUR VIDEOS ALL NIGHT

  19. 'Who camps on Modern Warfare'
    Literally 80% of ranked Apex guys

  20. YOUR FIRENDS ANNOYING Man every five secs i hear about his stupid chair or being retarted when it comes to actually helping you

  21. Tank top. It is named after tank suits, one-piece showering outfits of the 1920s worn in tanks (as in water) or swimming pools.

  22. Corona is a autoimmune disease therefore the younger you are the higher metabolism rate you have therefore the immune system can kill the virus quicker than an elderly who is slowly dying and is a boomer

  23. Who was the guy that joined in later, after Samara left?

    I forgot his name.
    Could someone please remind me?

  24. Bring Tarkov back.

    Make it great again. 😢🤨

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