Our First Win in CoD Warzone!


Getting the first win on CoD: Modern Warfare Warzone.

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  1. THE GAMES A 6/10 AT BEST. not liking the kill streaks very cheap takes no skill just cash…. kill streaks should be from kill streaks. secondly they should add weapon attachments for pick. 3rd the game needs a serious visual overhaul on ranged renderings and bad lighting. 4 do we really have to have 3 THREE different ways to bring back a fallen player. Gulage Cash and Down rez… Feels like the game is cattering to casuals infact thats unfair to casuals it catters to ADHD full blown Autistic kids. its FREE its NEW so of course its gonna be popular but i dont think this BR will last long… There are glaring issues and annoying features which once the NEW SHINY honeymoon phase ends for players most will become annoyed and leave

  2. VIDEO IDEA! You should walk us through your COD load outs and the reasoning behind them… what you use some load outs for and how you think they are used best… would be kinda nice to get your view of the customization in this game! Like if you guys agree!

  3. Got dam I feel like the only way you can win this is by communicating like they doing but mane me and my homies sum else like when they see someone instead of saying the right position and being specific they be like I see a guy on my scope ??‍♂️ there’s a guy behind the tree like which tree!!!!

  4. 2:19 Yeah audio needs to be fixed. You can't hear them and it's impossible that in the early stages the guy already has dead silence enabled

  5. I just got a 15 kill game with ransoms, but got 4th place, so I came here to help fulfill my urge to win, I recommend going boneyard btw, so many chest

  6. Itsa a grat game but alot of stufs need to be fixed first one is sound DUDE air condition is Like a fucking airplane is above ur head

  7. I don't know who that shroud guy everyone is talking about, but tbh, the gameplay on this one is very relaxed and nice to watch. So I'll be sticking on this channel. Good game guys ?

  8. They should have made it so that when someone gets down you can revive someone and get to use your secondary weapon to protect you and your teamate during revival

  9. Wow the whole prison thing is a very nice touch. Just put the ppl that got killed in a new game right away instead of having to restart, go through all the waiting, dropping to the ground etc.

  10. Bro this game is so good and it’s FREE! Play it now on Xbox, PC and PlayStation for free. Note:only includes Warzone and it’s respective attributes. For the full game purchase it on the store.


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