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ASUNCION, PARAGUAY — Brazilian soccer legend Ronaldinho has been labeled, “stupid” by his lawyer after being banged up for using a fake passport.

SOURCES: Fox Sports, The Sun

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  1. PART 2: https://youtu.be/RCBNKywy7lI

  2. "Brasilia football (I'm not saying soccer) legend Ronaldinho…"

  3. omg sad news #ronaldino plz come to nepal

  4. Maybe by putting him to prison they have saved him and the people he would have interacted with from Coronavirus – covid 19. You never know who would have come to shake his hand, sign this biography, sign that there, throw the ball here and kick that ball there. God loves his people.

  5. He was invited & it is NOT his fault !

  6. Association football, not rugby football
    Association football is soccer. Say it right or dont say it, at all.

  7. He was FENOMINAL in the games on a pitch, now his is getting gamed in a REAL WORLD……love the player, hate the games!

  8. My guy Ronaldinho is class lol

  9. Seeing a great man fall like this is so sad

  10. #free the legend ronaldinho

  11. Imaging ronaldinho broke out prison with soccer/football ball

  12. Ronaldinho s ready for corona holidays

  13. Brasil is un-thankful to all what Ronaldinho did for them in the pitch, why will they confiscate his passport?

  14. Brah nobody talking how he was going to a charity event

  15. The journalist who wrote this is a clown looking for views, go report on Basketball, rugby or American football. Ronny is a superstar a legend and his travel arrangements are done by his people and in this instance his people let him down. But as you can see even in jail he is smiling and playing futball with the inmates. The Paraguayans would be benefitting more if Ronny was talking to youth players and inspiring them but they are too short sighted to realize Ronny is a very big name you cannot embarrass him or turnish his name.

  16. This guy is gonna be the most loved guy in prison he don’t got nothing to be worried about 😂😂

  17. Ronaldinho is in jail bc he broke to many players ankles

  18. Last transfer from barsa to Jail how much sticks to get in for sure indoor game .

  19. He is acting a movie. That's a clip in the movie.

  20. #FreeRonaldinho

  21. good that you dont say soccer, its called football xdd

  22. Love yuo Ronaldinho

  23. Free RONALDINHO!

  24. Is he good enogh in picking up soap in the shower ?

  25. He won his 1st game in prison 11-2 😂😂

  26. Bro he is a soccer legend

  27. Why all these is happening to ronaldinho this man is a very good man he is always smiling to everyone and already made every football fan smile why all these is very sad Gaucho don’t deserve all these what a shame for Brazil 🇧🇷
    If you don’t grace your legends people will help you disgrace them for you after all he has done for his country very sad

    Ronaldinho today should be treated like a king 👑 because he deserves it

    It would have been a different story today if he was white but being black and within blacks is very hard

    May god come to his rescue
    Gaucho is very strong 💪 I love the spirit in him

  28. Ronaldinho having finished dodging players, is now dodging the countries

  29. Mbae la erea, habla bien nde tembo :v

  30. They droped the charges against him!!

  31. I don't understand.. He used fake I.D.? Every famous celebrity do that. They check in different places wifh fake names and I.D. .. They should not try embaress a legend like that. 2nd.. The comment section is why I am giving up on humanity. I can't imagine all the vile comment on a person who brough so my joy in my life… This is coming from Ethiopia

  32. Free my man

  33. He is stupid, he made 90 million through his career and rumors are, he's broke now and desperate for money.

  34. Messi is bringing him out of jail….and paying all his debts

  35. Who?

  36. Brazilians citizens don't need passports to enter Paraguay,that's what makes everything a lot more suspicious.

  37. Love Legendary Ronaldinho from Iran. We are with you

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