SoJiSub and ChoEunJung have announced their surprise marriage! [E-news Exclusive Ep 153]


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  1. Loved that he is married and happy, but this voiceover is reading so much at their first meeting. So many speculations taken as truth. lol.

  2. he did the interview as if it's his first haha his cute awkwardness towards her is evident haha congrats age is just a number have a happy married life

  3. Does age matter or not? Well it matters after few years.
    Let's say a man (38) and a woman (24) gets married after falling in love.
    But after few years when a woman turns 35 and still young but a man is almost 50 and too old.

  4. I do not know what to feel… huhu! i am happy and idk, mixed feelings…. i really like so ji sub ever since the master's sun. he has this idk that attracts me but not romantically. maybe like an ideal partner or something or he is my celebrity crush? I am just genuinely happy for him, really. Congratulations!!!


  6. I like her! I remembered when she became a guest to a 2D1N Season 3 when it visited EWHA University. She has a very nice personality.

  7. Minus 1 hot kbachelors!!🤣🤣 congrats to the newly wed!! Blissful married life ahead. Love at first sight has just been proven by these lovely couple. Can't take off his eyes on her, just like these 😍😍

  8. Aah their first meeting is so cute 😂 like he was obviously being weird in front of her 😂 "who do I look at?" This came from a veteran actor who has been doing interviews for ages like who do you look at? Of course the interviewer 😂😂 cute 😂

  9. Omg…17 years apart ?!! Wow, hope their relationship as husband and wife stays longer!! Congrats So Ji Sub and his wife!!!

  10. Congratulations on your wedding So Ji Sub, you're finally settled!
    Long may you know the happiness of a life together as you have shared it with us in your shows.
    Your turn has finally arrived!
    Be happy and take great care of yourself.
    <3 <3 <3

  11. Ok now it’s Gong Yoo’s turn. Come on yobo let’s get married!😜 ok nothing wrong with having some imagination…😝😍😍😍

  12. Main reason these guys dont rush to marry is exactly this, at 43 he still got the edge to marry a pretty young girl
    Good for him

  13. i'm happy for so ji sub, but seeing the interview i'm little sad for son ye jin, two of them is in their own world while she's there hahahhaha hope she will give a happy news too.. maybe with hyunbin kekekekkekkeke


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