Tactical Analysis: Manchester United 2-0 Manchester City | How Ole Beat Pep | A Solid Defence


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Ole came out on top of Pep in another Manchester Derby but what tactics did both managers use? Let’s take a look.

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  1. Ole is a better manager then before.. and it's starting to be proved. Solskjaer is not Pep, nor klopp. Of course his tactical is below them. But whatever, I think he makes some decisions that is crucially right. His decision with pogba, how he won't play lingard or pereira as much as before, how he handles his team, not blaming his players in front of camera, and instead allowing himself to be seen as idiot like, who seems like didn't understand the game. But look, some things that he is laying is making progress. Just need to practice martial james and bruno connection, and if those three plays better especially martial n james we should won 4-0. As dumb as ole is, as tactically bad ole is, I would like to see him learn and progress with his team.

  2. There is one key aspect you completely missed. Goalie of the Citizens had a very bad day. Otherwise, very good analysis. Ole is at the wheel! I think United need one more playmaker like Bruno, though. He can't win it all single handedly.

  3. Let me make it simpler for you. Man U scored more goals than city. It’s a simple game as bill shankly explained many years ago his view is still correct and stands true today. Tactics my arse!

  4. Finally a good channel with football analytics,but I would love to see you use more live game match clips to prove your point .

  5. In the first half, City defended with 4-5-1. I saw that shape in the first half a lot of times, I didn't see that in the video.

  6. For me matic is one of the key also. He always track the city player well and provide good passes when on counter attack

  7. Without KDB in midfield City had no spark or creativity & without Laporte in defence they are a shambles. Pep also made the mistake in playing Foden on the wing. I’m a fan of Foden but his only position going forward should be mid not RW. & he should have started Mahrez on the right wing. Rodri & Gundogan were too slow in possesion as well. Well done utd well deserved win though. ??

  8. I’ve always wondered how is xG calculated… Is it via some advanced statistical method (which the terminology seems to imply), or is it some guy subjectively rating it moment-to-moment?

  9. The most important player in this match was Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. His game management was incredible. Nobody realises his tactical genius because he always credits the players. Never blows his own trumpet.

    To begin with, United are a lot quicker in transition.

    Towards the end of the game, he brought on McTominay for Martial and went with a 5-diamond-1 formation. The wide CMs (McTominay and Fred) were needed to press City’s full-backs high, as United’s wingbacks were too fatigued and sitting deep. This is what cost United a 1-0 victory late on in a similar game against Liverpool at home this season. Ole showed that he can learn from past lessons.

    Also, Ole was brave enough to sub off Bruno for Ighalo, even though James was wasteful in attack. He knew that Ighalo’s hold-up play was needed, and as creative as Bruno is, James’ pace in behind was always needed to stretch Man City’s back-line.

    How ironic then, that United’s second goal was a result of all of these factors combined. Fred in the wide left pressing high. Ighalo holding it up. Fred’s overlapping run and then through ball in behind towards James. Even though Ederson intercepted, his rushed throw was intercepted by McTominay who had the energy to press Mendy high up the right side of the pitch.

    Another tactical masterclass from Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

  10. Here is the actual analysis, City was the elite team that had 72% possession, better play, better chances and much higher level of Futbol while United just got lucky. But the inexperienced fan will just be fooled that United was better because they won. The difference between the them is that City is miles better in every catagory while United is like a second rate relagation team.

  11. You didn't mention City was missing a no 10 like De Buryne, who can run through the Utd's CM plus there was no InshaAllah passes.

  12. Did sterling turn up really?
    Am just asking for my neighbour??
    There is no one in premier whom Wan Bussaka likes to play against like Sterling


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