Tin tức dịch Corona mới nhất ngày 13 tháng 3,2020| Cập nhật dịch Covid-19

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Highlights SLNA 1-0 Bình Dương | Phan Văn Đức lập tuyệt phẩm đánh đầu như CR7 nổ tung sân Vinh

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  1. I'm from Thailand I like this song very much

  2. Back when k-pop male idols were handsome not beautiful

  3. Amazing

  4. Taeyang"4ever?

  5. 2020 anyone?

  6. Taeyang лох

  7. 韓文的不錯聽??

  8. 16/3/2020. whoever listens

  9. Who’s here again?

    16 March 2020..


  10. Check views??? 2020.

  11. Thank you Taeyang, this is a masterpiece. Eyes, Nose, Lips is a timeless song.

  12. He has two tattoos in português ? Really I love this guy

  13. i love this song!! so deep❤️❤️❤️

  14. Hes the most charming guy ever and his wife is the most lovely woman ever love love love them ?

  15. Comeback finally

  16. i didn't even realise hyorin on the billboard tho. the song was too good (still are tho)

  17. G.E.M.【紅薔薇白玫瑰】(EYES, NOSE, LIPS Cover) Fan made MV [HD] 鄧紫棋

  18. Love this song

  19. 2020 i'm vietnam

  20. คิดถึงวงนี้ รอคัมเเบ็ค ❤

  21. 17:26 15/03/2020

  22. ????????????

  23. This song is perfect melody and rytem is cool ❤

  24. ?

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