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Inside a vertical prison system, inmates are assigned to a level and forced to ration food from a platform that moves between the floors. Directed by Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia, The Platform is a twisted social allegory about mankind at its darkest and hungriest.

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The Platform | Main Trailer | Netflix

In a prison where inmates on high floors eat better than those below, who get the scant scraps, one man tries to effect change so everyone gets enough.


Võ Hoàng Yến Chặt Nát Bét Ninh Dương Lan Ngọc Khiến Trường Giang Khoái Chí l Nhanh Như Chớp Mùa 2

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  1. The comment section is like the platform.

    The lower you go the fewer the likes.

  2. Top comments are like high floors : they keep all the likes for themselves 😂

  3. Sonu kötü bitmemiş mi yaaa?? daha güzel bitirebilirlerdi sanki yarım kalmış gibi .

  4. The toilet paper is the message.

  5. So many hidden messages in the movie, great job on this honestly amazing speechless..

  6. The ending wasn’t good . The other part was fascinating

  7. I just want to know how the platform can up and down?

  8. Unique message but this movie was so boring and laughably bad at parts, wouldn’t recommend

  9. Was it only me who always laughed out loud when Trimagasi (the old man) always said: “Obvio” 😭😭😭😭😭 Idk why but it was hilarious. If anybody ever makes a compilation of how many time Trimagasi says ‘obvio’ tell me!!

  10. A masterpiece!!!! Obviously

  11. I mean the movie was amazing and all.. BUT WHAT TF WAS THAT ENDING?

  12. Who felt Snowpiercer vibes?

  13. nobody's gonna talk how about the frickin platform moves without any string or rod. 🤷🏻‍♀️ jesus.

  14. If this comes along with parasite who would have won the Oscar

  15. Bu ne AMK

  16. The original tittle was " the hole"

  17. The platform makes me realise how rich and poor are different while the rich on level 1 the extreme poor are on 333. it is a great metaphor to represent everything about this world

  18. Very "Cube" style movie. I like it

  19. Alright. This is my personal theory about the movie and the ending.


    The kid at the end of the movie doesn’t exist. She’s too perfect, and nothing about her makes sense as compared to what's happening in the different levels of the hole. She's calm and clean. She's innocent and sinless. You can think of her as the symbol of humanity before it's corrupted, as the symbol of a better future. She's the opposite of everyone we see in the movie. She didn't rush to take the dessert away from them or beg for it or anything like the other adults would do in that situation. She only took it after it was given to her. She never even speaks or shows emotion.Think about it. She's in the 333rd level, the last level, it's impossible for a child to survive there and look that well. The movie showed us how they passed by many levels with dead bodies before reaching her. It's simple. She was never there. In fact, nothing that happens on the 333rd floor was real. They where already dead by the time they got there.That’s why they weren’t punished for keeping the desert and feeding it to the girl because the dessert never left the platform, because no one was in level 333; They were in the worst shape after being attacked by other inmates and by the time they reached level 333, they both passed away. The panna cotta was left on the platform, untouched. Everything that happens afterwards is not real. They didn't see a girl under the bed. They didn't get off the platform. They didn't give the girl the dessert. It never happened. The platform went back to the top with the dessert. They did show us the end. If only folks would focus more when watching such clever movies. The end was shown in the middle of the movie. The chef finds the panna cotta with a hair on it so he scolds the cooks and tries to find whose hair it is, probably to fire the guilty one because he thought the dessert was not good enough to be consumed which hurts his ego as a chef. Selfishness. How stupid is that. The ones behind the test are hiding the truth to the people working for them and everyone is too busy being selfish. However, that hair was probably the protagonist's hair who passed away, and the panna cotta was indeed the message but it was misunderstood, badly. They focused on the wrong problem (hygiene), looked at an irrelevant detail (the hair) and asked the wrong question (who did it?) instead of looking at the bigger picture (The platform came back not empty for the first time). How interesting is that. Sadly, two people sacrificed their lives to make a change to send a message, and that message was simply ignored. The hole will keep operating and nothing will change. In my opinion, what happens at the end is an alternate happy ending created in the mind of the protagonist who was too depressed to see the reality. Everything we see is through his eyes. Even the girl is asian. It's because in his mind there is an asian mother looking for her child who just died in front of his eyes so he hallucinates finding her child and saving her and making her the message, he then meets the old man who is waiting for him at the end, why is it the old man and not someone else because we're in the mind of the protagonist and he did cherish that old man no matter how twistted things ended up to be, he liked him. The old man then reassures him by saying that the girl will survive and she doesn't need him because the message doesn't need a bearer. Here, the old man says exactly what the protagonist hopes for because this is all in his mind. This is how he wanted things to be. Anyways, this is my theory and not facts. Feel free to argue. I saw comments of people getting caught up in details of the movie but not looking at what these things could have meant. This movie is very metaphorical and you shouldn't be taking things for what they are. Think.

  20. Brillante película

  21. The people above's leftovers? Real subtle. 😏

  22. A story based off of food and cannibalism.

  23. Obvio

  24. This movie is one of a kind definitely deserves to be watched

  25. They named it the platform in english?

  26. This reminds me so much of cube

  27. Joe Exotic: I'm the craziest thing on Netflic

    The Platform: Hold my maggot filled decaying flesh

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