THE PLATFORM Official Trailer (2020) Sci-Fi, Thriller Netflix Movie HD


THE PLATFORM Official Trailer (2020) Sci-Fi, Thriller Movie HD
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  1. This reminds me of everything I ever loved in a horror movies. I like when they put people in a situation that they can't easily get out of. I don't know why but that my favorite genre.

  2. Man I just watched this dumbass movie. First of all how do they get that slab of concrete to move up and down, like what’s the mechanics of that. Then this shit is basically about food and the upperclassmen I get that. However this movie sucks and what’s the deal with the cancer chested bitch (I wouldn’t eat her) and what happened to the dog. I give this movie seven thumbs down.👎🏾

  3. What’s funny is that societies like Norway, Sweden, and Finland are 100% okay with capitalism because the government forces the rich to pay their fair share.

    Everyone gets healthcare, everyone gets education, nobody is scared to go broke, and the billionaires get to be a recognized backbone of their nation. All from simply paying their fucking taxes. IN A CAPITALIST SYSTEM.

    Here in America, some dipshit making $50,000 a year will defend the rich to the death and call you a socialist for saying that taxes should be raised on people making 200k plus.

  4. My only thing is why title the movie “the platform” if “el hoyo” means the hole in Spanish?? I’m a little confused here

  5. I've watched this, it's one of the most terrifying and realistic movies I've ever watched especially during tough times like this, it proves to be absolutely true.

  6. Feels like the movie Snowpiercer. Just the class is defined in the vertical manner instead of horizontal train.

  7. THIS MOVIE IS TRASH LMAO. Had a budget of 10grand probably. Garbage as fuck. No proper ending either because its so garbage. Movies a waste of time. The creators should honestly jump from their roof and maybe if they land on their head right they would be able to make a good movie 🙁


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