Tom Hanks And Rita Wilson Share New Update On Their Coronavirus | TODAY

Overnight, Tom Hanks and his wife, Rita Wilson, shared a new update about their coronavirus recovery. There are new questions for fans and celebrities who interacted with the couple in the days leading up to their diagnosis. Natalie Morales reports for TODAY from Los Angeles.
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Tom Hanks And Rita Wilson Share New Update On Their Coronavirus | TODAY


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  1. God is always ??? with you Tom Hanks. I know, you can survive on this tragedy Covid-19.

  2. At "13"

  3. He vas my favorite actor, not anymore.

  4. At least Tom will have his Wilson

  5. Hearty Tom Hank's and Your wife stay strong ???

  6. Wasn't Hanks named as a pedophile by cory Feldman?

  7. I almost forgot that famous people could get sick

  8. Hey, anyone know if you can bankrupt this coronavirus? 'cause if you can, I've got just the man for the job.

  9. Hey, anyone know if you can bankrupt this coronavirus? 'cause if you can, I've got just the man for the job.

  10. Maybe Tom Hanks should be marooned alone on an island to stop the spread!

  11. ?Here with my popcorn . Excited for the outcome, from all this circus. Hmmmm, so many celebrities & politicians having the virus ?. #ONELOVEREVOLUTION
    Evil protects Evil.?

  12. The containment phase has passed. So no point testing people as the virus is our there. Its all about social distancing! The phase now is to delay the virus so not everyone becomes sick at the same time! Italy have the right measures in place BUT the UK do not! No testing any more and people just carrying on as normal. The goverment say they are trying herd immunity..basically 80% of UK will become infected within 12 weeks and the other 20% i shudder to think!!! ???????



  15. Can Tom Hanks make cast away 2 where he’s cast away in quarantine? ?

  16. Can they Self Isolate and take their faces with them! Jeez!

  17. honestly we very much could lose Tom Hanks right here and its pretty sad that the guy sure knows how to spread a virus like dam one place after another one person after another but yea you get better before you get worst and you have miled symptoms at first than it gets worst and worst stronger and stronger to break down your body and will to fight and than it takes you with a viral pneumonia witch can't be treated by anything but your own body SMH its wicked some people have mild cases aka those who don't get pneumonia but those who do end up almost dieing in Italy they had a person in their 20s that almost was put on the emergency list and would have needed a breathing machine SMH

  18. ?

  19. Hopefully he will donate his money to a good cause before he's dead

  20. They ain't tripping

  21. My fave couple. Get well soon❤️

  22. Who cares, satanic paedophile!

  23. Yet again Hollywood cares more about two actors than the people that they have exposed! Frigging amazing…NOT!

  24. – tom hanks

  25. Chet struggling lol hard out here not trippin mane lmfao

  26. Live for good die for good. no one is stopping us in living as well as in dieing.

  27. Tom Hanxs Mr.33.

  28. We want to see them

  29. Al Franken’s old SNL skit: “I bet YOU were thinking about, how does this affect TOM.” In other words, people should care more about Tom and Rita than themselves or anybody else. Typical Hollywood self-absorption and self- obsession. And for that matter, Hollywood groupies who promote this Idolization, like the Main Stream Media, as shown here.

  30. These two men have the virus?!

  31. I feel no sympathy for Hollywood liberals!!!!!!

  32. Who cares!!!!!!

  33. man think about how many babies are going to be born in 9.5 months !!

  34. I thought Trump couldn't win ?????? 2020 all the way

  35. 2:10 Put on a friggin' shirt, ick!

  36. Wilson!

  37. Whoever gave my Woody corona best give themselves up rn!!

  38. Why did Tom Hanks have to get it? He's the most wholesome actor ever… ?

  39. If Tom and the Mrs survive…
    that will give us hope ?

  40. Noo hows the toy story :’(

  41. What would Wilson do????

  42. I believe nothing from the Today Show or Tom Skanks.

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