Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson "Not Worried" About Coronavirus | E! News

The Hollywood power couple tested positive for the disease while in Australia, but their son Chet Hanks says his parents are fine. Get the details.

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Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson “Not Worried” About Coronavirus | E! News


Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson being treated for coronavirus

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  1. Tom Hanks: we aint trippin

  2. The hosts are terrible !!!!

  3. I didn't know Tom and Ritas son was black

  4. John Coffey can take it back

  5. How convenient, just as Tom is about to follow Weinstein into the courts

  6. Why does chet have an illumiati pyramid on his chest with WHO above it? lol

  7. ~rip~condolences to mr roger's son.

  8. Chet u could come live with me.

  9. He just going to out run the Coronavirus. Jenny is going to cher him on.

  10. idiotic to think he is making a change just from being a public figure. do not compare how he got it to what others in very bad condition are. do not be lying to people at all and using him for it. wrong

  11. the best to them. but can the son wear a t shirt. no need to be rude.

  12. Tom, it is a big deal. Look at all those people who are dying.

  13. This is good news! They have the virus but it's not as bad as previously thought. If you have adequate medical care it is no problem. This will help ease the panic.


  15. But we are…..the guy is such an inspiration to everyone I dont want him to go like this…..Get well soon😢😢😢

  16. thats what happens when your to busy to raise your kid

  17. Forrest Gump should’ve listened to Jenny when she told him run.

  18. These people are sick!

  19. Iluminati eye on his chest – we manipulated

  20. This is called "The State of Denial".

    "We're too famus to die from a deadly virus".

  21. "Tom Hanks is going to keep the world calm" Tom dies….

  22. Boomers better be ready. Make peace with god boomers cause it’s game over ✌🏻


  24. I hope Robert de Nero and Alec Baldwin don't get it but they probably will bc they're elderly.

  25. Whhhhat? Wow!! Hoping all goes well and they get better fast!

  26. of course those Rich bastards aren't worried about it they got money to take care of them

  27. "Tom Hanks is gonna keep the world calm", I cant believe that came out her mouth, this world is so lost

  28. Put a shirt on

  29. Karma for molesting kids.

  30. 60% of all american will get this! Buckle up, rough road ahead
    Gov't employees get a month off with every shut down..Now everyone will get a month off

  31. I hope they stay sick forever they are Nazis

  32. The man has diabetes. And not to worry is plain stupid. I'll wait and see how this plays out.

  33. It's too earlier to say fine. It's COVID-19 which always bombs in sudden when the virus full fills your lung.

  34. Coronavirus is fake af They just don’t want anybody go to the voting polls they want Trump in office which is a good thing

  35. I wish that they had the opportunity to at least do a few events with their friends in Hollywood and share their joy first.

  36. Yeah, he has a Wilson with him, stranded on this island.

  37. It came from the US! Enough with pandering to your toddler in chief, the health minister is telling the Australian public it's from his recent trip back to the US (which means others in his social circle in the US have it but can't get tested for it)

  38. Oh wow ok i don't think I've ever met Chet Hanks before.. Mk

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