Watching Manchester United 2 Manchester City 0 with Manchester United fans in NYC bar

#TheBeautifulGame NYC | Documenting football culture in #NYC
Watching #ManchesterUnited #ManUtd 2 #ManchesterCity #ManCity 0 in NYC #premierleague


?Tin bóng đá 09/03| MU nhấn chìm Man City tại Old Trafford, “Kền kền trắng” dâng ngôi đầu cho Barca

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  1. Reds are here reds are there reds are every fuckin where.

  2. Man U is red

  3. how the Americans would love it in England and watch it within our stadiums 🙂


  5. I like team Manchester United love team idol i form malaysia

  6. It's my dream to go all around the world being a part of such groups

  7. Scale united fans with city fans. You looks in bar

  8. Manchester is red

  9. I love you united so much we have best supporters in the world I follow you through good times and bad Mutid 4 life xx

  10. 🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳 i love MU

  11. Come on man u

  12. Some mixed accents there peeps. 🤘

  13. Glory usa united fans!!! from hungary Európa

  14. All United

  15. Manchester is Red 👹not blue


  17. haha when they lost their voices..you know they cheered and shout their hearts out….#GGMU

  18. United is the most popular club on the planet….in anything. Simple fact.

  19. And that's gone because CORONA

  20. The guy that opens and says "2- Zero" No dude. No. Two NIL. NIL. C'mon America!

  21. Reds at the pub of dreams

  22. I just want to experience this

  23. Manchester is blue! Im CTID! 💙💙💙😘

  24. Plastic scruffy cunts

  25. @:40 the only shitty fan in the pub.🤣

  26. At last our friends across the pond watching proper sports.

  27. Corny

  28. Our attacking guys are weak without rashi!

  29. So Yeah, next pub stop when am in NYC. Be prepared. The swede is coming hopefully next season🤙🏻🤙🏻

  30. Being from Manchester I love this! Good to see great support from across the pond from our utd brother and sisters. Come on you reds!

  31. Langganan liga malam jumat 😁

  32. holy shit, that's the most intense passionate fan support I've ever heard from Americans.
    usually when I see American sports spectators the atmospheres seem great but much more, not laid back, but like family friendly. more about enjoying it as entertainment rather than having a really deep seated emotional investment.
    anyway, hats of to my fellow reds across the pond GGMU 🔴⚪⚫

  33. GGMU 😁😁

  34. The saddest part is seeing/reading many Europeans call African supporters "African experts" for giving their opinions on a club they love and support and yet kick out so much respect for Americans. If you watch Ighalo's interview you'll realise just how passionate African supporters are. They cram 200-400 people in a room the size of a small pub just so everyone can watch and support United.

  35. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dx3OuMd3H1k&t=32s huge united fan here…new channel, check us out for match vlogs

  36. Indonesian red army present!👏

  37. So what country is this???

  38. People in a lukaku top is a fucking disgrace, I’m a united fan and it’s such a shame to see the club go to fucking plastic. Lukaku, really…

  39. Ultimate CRINGE

  40. Man United, most awesome club after Feyenoord.

  41. Man City wit the fuck down Bruno shut u up

  42. I wish i was there ☹️

  43. hey Pep! u are on the wrong sided !!!

  44. Ohh I wish i was present over there
    Love from India
    Glory glory Manchester United ❤

  45. fc united from thailand

  46. Imagine being a man city fan in there

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